Publishing a collection of poetry is itself a delightful occasion for a writer. Are you a poet and have a great collection of poetry but are you having the ambition to let everyone else know it too? Kavya Publications is giving you a platform to introduce your collection of poems into a book. Here is a guide based upon the pre and post publishing process which will turn your poetry collection into a best seller. Best Book Publishers in India.

During the pre-publishing process, the hardest and the first step to assembling your collection is, itself is a big challenge. By balancing the right amount of time & task to be performed you can end up with a great poetry collection book.

Things to do before you begin

Living in a technologically smart world, writers have several options to choose from. Before starting with the process, make sure you are choosing the best one for presenting your work in front of the audience. For budding poets, there are three formats given by our publishing company for your presentation style-

  • Paperback
  • Hardcopy
  • e-Books

·       Paperback and Hardcopy are some of the oldest & standard printing styles. Opting for this option will make you a step closer to be considered a proper published author. Paperback is an old school format but always gives the reader a feel to read.

·       e-Books are the digital format of the paperback book; they also give the advantage of being able to constantly update your poem.

Organizing your Poems

Start by planning out what is going to be in the poem by creating a poetic anthology or have an assortment of poems. Initially, decide whether you’ll be writing by hand or printing it out. Do not overthink about the size of the paper, but make sure you get a manuscript-quality paper that is outstanding and presentable.

Think out of the box and create a theme for your poems. Try to interlink the poems by arranging them logically. Keep in mind ‘organization’ is the key when preparing a book, as it gives your work a sense of structure by ensuring your readers will enjoy the pleasant vibes after reading it.

P.S- Poetry collections look amazing when it is handwritten over a hardcopy.

Getting your poem collection published

Now all the poems are assembled and arranged, the real challenges come getting your work noticed. The reason we suggested you handwritten poetry collection in a hardcopy is that there are most demanded ones in the market. Top Publishers in India like us can easily notice your work, leading to profitable deals across all platforms.

We suggest you be a social poet, you can gain insane popularity by marketing and promoting your poetry on various social media platforms and poetry sharing websites. Give it a try once and increase the chance of becoming a best seller in poetry. Connect with us today!

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