Have you ever set goals or to-do lists? How often do you revisit your to-do list? We all know that setting goal is crucial, but we often don’t realize how important is set up goals while writing. Writing Goals has many benefits and advantages to work towards achieving favorable results.

We cannot overstate the fact that it always has been and remains one of the first steps you will take in your journey towards the world of writings and unparalleled success. Setting up goals will make you achieve success. As an author, who has a big ambition of becoming a bestseller, seldom starts with writing and is well aware of their writing goals to achieve success.

What is ‘Writing Goal’?

It is a deadline or a boundary set for an author to stay on track when you’re unsure about the next move. With the help of ‘writing goals,’ an author can easily decide whether to finish a chapter or meet the desired word count. It keeps strongly motivated until you finish the whole book and later as well.

Why there is a need for writing goals?

  • It assists an author in showing up direction towards where your book is heading and how it is shaping up.
  • It will allow you to plan and complete your book on time. 
  • It will help you in meeting the deadline.

How to set up the writing goals?

For setting up writing goals, all you need is a calendar, your writing material, and loads of determination. Without goals, your manuscript might become disjointed and often confusing. Also, these goals, keep your head held high and energy up by lifting you. Here are some points for setting up writing goals-

  • Set a daily word-count goal and a weekly measure, as it will help you to stay on track.
  • Create a tracker document to check your progress. 
  • Don’t forget to include a schedule for revising and proofreading as well.
  • Don’t build vague goals.

Here are the five reasons why setting a writing goal is so much important

  • Writing goals gives you focus.
  • They help in measuring your progress.
  • They keep you motivated.
  • They help you beat procrastination.

Writing goals always make you achieve more than the desired outcome.

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