Every New Year starts with a resolution & one of the favorite new-year resolutions for many people is “I’ll start reading books” or “to read more”. We all know that reading books is always a great choice. But do you know how reading books improves your life? & why should you prioritize reading more? Here are some of the reasons which will always encourage you to read books. 

1.    Regular reading improves mental health

 Joseph Addison, a famous English essayist, poet, playwright & politician, once penned a quote 300 years back- “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to body.” 

He analyzed it when modern science and research equipment were not in use. Today, however, science itself shows many examples of ‘how reading books can make you smarter.’ Reading a book increases the blood flow and improves connectivity to the brain.

2.    Reading enhances creativity

Have you ever solved any case in a thriller or mystery movie before watching its end? The same happens when you are reading a book. Once you start reading a mystery book, your analytical skills become active. Reading helps you to detect the problems and solve the whole plot as you are living in the character’s shoes. 

3.    Reading is a great way to improve your writing skills

When you read, your brain starts grabbing writing techniques and adds new words to your dictionary. While writing, you will unconsciously copy the writing styles of the book that held your attention. Being a frequent reader, you will concentrate on your writing skills and spellings more. 

4.    Reading improves your overall communication skills

We are well aware of how reading improves your vocabulary and spelling. It also helps you in the clarity of sentences. The knowledge you have gained while reading also gives you a lot of things to talk about or debate with others.

5.    Reading helps you to develop your opinions and express your thoughts

When you are reading a book with a concurring worldview, it broadens the perspective and causes you to examine your beliefs for the search of the truth.

6.    Reading tends to improve your knowledge of several fields.

Reading can teach you historical politics, science & technology, custom, culture, heritage & mythology, economics & intellect, and much more. By reading books, one person can know several books at a time.

7.    Reading challenges to your power of imagination

As you read, you start putting yourself in the fictional characters. Your brain starts to think beyond the words written on the page, imagining all the details like appearance, emotions & surroundings. A great book always makes you live several lives while reading.

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