“This is to bring you to the kind notice that our self–publishing services are active and fully functional despite the global pandemic which we are facing. All services by Kavya Publications are available as per your orders.”

So, have you written your dream book? It may be your first or the one which you want to publish. By knowing a basic understanding of the publication process, it can increase the chances of becoming a successful writer. Are you looking for a “Publication Company”? Kavya Publications – India’s Best Self-Publishing Company is here for you. Before sending a bunch of copies of your manuscript to publishers, stop there, and understand the publishing process. 

Thousands of authors join hands with us, every year intending to spend positivity and influencing the lives of others. With high stars and excellent ratings on the social media platform, our brand stands above the competition. Have you ever had this thought- who are you going to trust with the book that you’ve worked for so long and hard to create? To whom you are assigning the task to publish the manuscript? Kavya Publications is the right place. We are leading self-publishing in India. We believe in a new author’s literary talent and provide them different platforms to bring their books to readers everywhere in the world. Headquartered in the capital of India, Delhi, we assist you with technology and services that make publishing easy, affordable, and available in part of the world.

 The Literary World is waiting for you Authors !!!

Self-publishing your book can be an intimidating undertaking, but you don’t have to worry as we are with you in this journey at every step. Kavya Publications has a wide range of publishing packages that are second to none and are designed accordingly to the need of an author. Learn more about our publishing guide for new authors. 

  • Editing- This is the first and foremost step in the publishing process. The reviewer needs to look up all the tiny, little errors as a justification to reject your manuscript. That’s the mindset you need when publishing a book. Any grammatical error and your book will get nowhere in this world. When a publisher is provided a manuscript and finds a mistake while reading, it seems amateurish and too sloppy. The authors need to prove to the publisher that they have worked hard on the content. It should be complete, free from errors, and ready for publication.

The publisher never edits your book. Their job is to choose your work that is worthy of being represented in front of the world. If you decide to self-publish your content, which itself is a big decision, you cannot afford to be unprofessional by writing and marketing a book with so many errors. Whatever your route is, make sure you can produce polished content to hold an image of a ‘good writer’ in the market.

If editing isn’t your cup of coffee, Kavya Publications offers many services for the writers who have finished their manuscript but aren’t ready to publish. We offer you with editors and proofreaders, which can go over everything, including style, plot, dialogue, characterization, sentence structure, word choice, the strength of argument, and clarity. Our professionals review spellings and grammar to ensure the best outcome. We are covering everything that you may have missed while reading your manuscript over more times than you can count.

  • Submission- Once the crucial step of editing the manuscript is finished; you’re ready to submit it for publishing. You need to follow all the submission guidelines carefully. And the publishing house needs to set up those guidelines in the most decent manner. At Kavya Publications, our submission process is quite simple. We only accept and appreciate that work that is new and original. Plagiarism does not have space in our company. To begin the process, authors can submit their synopsis and outline them via our website. We then review the material provided by them, and if interested, we will ask for further chapters to be submitted. We will provide the information related to the package which the author has chosen. This package includes formatting guidelines, marketing, & promotion guidelines, and much more.

Always remember Publishers are looking for a manuscript that has the power to market itself. If your content is very similar to other books in the same genre, you’ll not be able to perform well in the field. Writing is art, but publishing is a canvas. In short, the author must be able to pitch the audience with their words and storyline. 

We believe that your manuscript must meet other criteria also, before going for publishing. 

  1. The book must be engaging and free from errors.
  2. The author is ready to promote and must have a strong social media presence to get astonishing results.
  3. Keep your words simple and should stand out above the rest.

There are many books worth looking into information on how to stand out above the rest. We recommend you find readers online, on websites like Goodreads, and get more opinions.

  • Publishing- At Kavya Publications, we publish both digital and print books. Before you submit your manuscript, make sure you do research. Many publishers in the market charge a handsome amount just for publishing your book. They are the ones who publish your book and then forget. But the concept behind our company is unique. We make sure the author is always involved in the process. Our authors are not very much into marketing. We try to involve them in the process of sharing and re-sharing the post, include their content over Facebook or Instagram. They can write about their upcoming books and submit their blogs with us. We try to publish as much as we can on our website. 

The publishing process has changed a lot in the past decades, the authors are well much aware of the Internet and Digital Books. The E-book is a new trend in the market. Also, we always suggest you carefully research and make contracts. How much royalty amount is being paid to you by other publishing companies? How long is the term of the contract will be? Do they market your books too?

In Kavya Publications, once you’re on board, an editor is always ready to help you with the formatting and structuring part. The production begins with formatting, designing book covers, and interior designing. Here, we are giving you an option to submit your design for the book cover, or else we can make it for you. Royalty calculation can be done very well at Kavya Publications. 

  • Marketing & Sales- A publishing company makes money on book sales, so marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your book. We help you to spread information about your upcoming projects through advertising and promotions. We help you to connect with our Social Media Pages like Facebook. We offer you several promotional offers to promote your book on digital platforms. You are required to self-publicize locally and re-share via social media to drive more sales.

What do we do to market your book?

We announce the new release of every book by posting the book cover and related links to our social media pages and website.

  1. Each week we focus on at least one author to get highlighted in our social media pages 
  2. We focus on the author and ask them to write a blog about their book on our website.
  3. We display “Highly Recommended” books with the audience and ask them to read.
  4. We create bestseller lists every year.
  5. We list your books on various platforms like – Amazon, Google Books, Google Play Store, Flipkart, Shopclues, Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Payhip, etc.
  6. We monitor your sales, supply, and e-book platforms to give you a good royalty income.

The point to remember about publishing is – Kavya Publications is India’s No. 1 Self-Publishing Company, any person who is ready with the manuscript can come up. We are always here to help budding authors and to make them a brand. It requires a lot of work to format and set up the book, but once we finish it, it the time for you to sit back and wait for the sales.

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