How to make your best book publishers in India a best seller? We will help your book and your thoughts reach millions of readers.

Now a day’s self-publishing is one of the coolest trends running worldwide, and Kavya Publications being the best book publishers in India, will help you in this. Gone are the days when authors needed to roam everywhere and depend on other people to get their books in the market. Self-Publishing has made a lot of ease in the work. It’s not a new phenomenon but definitely, the one that needs proper understanding. Being notoriously competitive is one of the fastest routes for making your book public. Before heading forward to book marketing strategies, you need to understand what self-publishing is all about and how it is different from the traditional one. At Kavya Publications, we give the budding author’s a platform to showcase their work, and you do not need the approval of anybody but all you need is to take care of every aspect of the journey.

When you choose self-publishing over traditional publishing, make sure that your work is in front of the public. Don’t worry we are here for you. There are a few strategies that will help you all in marketing your book on the market. Here is a small guide for authors all around the world.

1.    Knowledge & Right Usage of Social Media- One thing that is very important for a self-publisher is to have an abundant knowledge of social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more follow some algorithms that our author’s need to understand. Try to engage with the audience, search with the trending hashtags, and creating an aesthetic feed & content on these platforms is all you need. You have to make sure that your feed lands on the correct audience screen.

2.    Focus Promoting, Not Selling- While promoting your book, keep in mind you are promoting your work and not trying to sell it. Never use negative words like ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ here. Instead, give beautiful insights about the story or thoughts written over the book.

3.    Think Beyond- Try to focus on the loyal reader community of your book. Go beyond the basics and promote your work on platforms like Quora and Goodreads. This will create an interest among readers and will also help you in understanding the niche.

4.    Use your Contacts- During the hustle and bustle of making new connections, do not forget your old contacts. Ask your people, family, and friends to give a try to your book. They can easily post about your upcoming books on their own social media profiles. 

5.    Build a community with your Readers- Readers are God for any author, and building a good relationship with them is a must. Try to interact with them, show and pour some love over them with trendy giveaways and quizzes. Ask them suggestions during the process like- ask them about your cover design or in selecting colors. This will result in creating a soulful relationship with them.

6.    Select your Launch date carefully- Selecting a launching date is the most crucial element of book marketing strategies. Choose an appropriate month and time so that your readers are ready to purchase the books. Create enough buzz around the book before launching it. 

Best Self-Book Publishers in India gives the freedom to move ahead without wasting time, money, and efforts on agents but also adding responsibilities. By keeping these few things in mind, you can be a successful Self-Published Author.

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